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Steve has given hundreds of talks, seminars, and webinars at industry conferences and and other venues. Some recent presentations include:

Major C++17 Language Enhancements.
Qualcomm (invited talk, 5/2017).

Modern C++ Interfaces: Complexity, Emergent Simplicity, SFINAE, and Second Order Properties of Types.
Triangle C++ Developers Goup (users group presentation, 1/2017).

Tough Stuff in Modern C++.
ACCU 2016 Conference (full-day tutorial, 4/2016).

SFINAE Sono Buoni, Reloaded: Resurgent use of SFINAE in modern C++.
Bloomberg LLP Distinguished Speaker Series (invited talk, 11/2015).

Flavors of Memory-Mapped Objects in C++.
Embedded Systems Conference (conference presentation, 5/2015).

Temporal Partitioning of Semantics in C++ Design.
Bloomberg LLP Distinguished Speaker Series (invited talk, 10/2014).

Protopatterns that Fizzled: Three interesting design patterns that got left in the bit bucket.
Bloomberg LLP Distinguished Speaker Series (invited talk, 3/2013).

Undercover C++: What's efficient and what isn't.
Design East (conference presentation, 10/2012).

Welcome Visitors.
Citadel LLP, Citadel Tech Talks Program (webinar, 9/2012)

Writing Efficient, Self-Maintaining Code With C++ Templates.
Design West (conference presentation, 3/2012).

C++ and Sociology.
Bloomberg LLP (new hire motivational talk, 12/2009).