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Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design

“This may well be the best C++ book I have ever read. I was surprised
by the amount I learned.”
—Matthew Wilson, Development Consultant, Synesis Software

C++ Gotchas is the professional programmer’s guide to avoiding and correcting ninety-nine of the most common, destructive, and interesting C++ design and programming errors. It also serves as an inside look at the more subtle C++ features and programming techniques.C++ Gotchas cover
Readers will discover:

How to escape both common and complex traps associated with C++
How to produce more reusable, maintainable code
Advanced C++ programming techniques
Nuances of the C++ language C++ Gotchas shows how to navigate through the greatest dangers in C++ programming, and gives programmers the practical know-how they need to gain expert status.

Stephen C. Dewhurst was among the first users of C++ at Bell Labs. He has more than eighteen years of experience in applying C++ to problem areas such as compiler design, derivative securities trading, e-commerce, and embedded telecommunications. He is the coauthor of Programming in C++ (Prentice Hall, 1989), a contributing editor for C/C++ Users Journal, and a former columnist for C++ Report. Steve is also the author of two C++ compilers and numerous articles on compiler design and C++ programming techniques.

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